Celebrate the Gift of Learning

This is one of my favorite window case displays I’ve done. It’s so simple and wintery. We have winter in Alaska for six months, so it can span December and January and still feel right. I did it two years ago, and it gave me my idea for “Unwrap the Gift of Reading” display this year. But I like this one better: Learning is a … Continue reading Celebrate the Gift of Learning

Winter Holidays

Here’s the basic Holiday display I did last year featuring books on Kwanza, Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays of the season. I wrapped discarded library books in gold and blue wrapping (our school colors) and made a wintery Holiday sign. Simple. Inclusive. However, no one looked at any of the books. So, this year I decided not pull holiday books. My theme: “Unwrap the … Continue reading Winter Holidays

What’s Cookin’?

This is a display that really could be used anytime of the year. But as we are entering the winter and holiday season, perhaps there is a bit more interest in cooking and baking delicious goodies for holiday treats and feasts. With just a pot full of cookbooks on an old tablecloth with some utensils hanging around, the display is pretty self explanatory. So many … Continue reading What’s Cookin’?

A Scary Affair: Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to break out everything scary, ghosty, bloody and undead (in book form that is). We are always being asked where the scary stories are located so it’s fun to pull them all into one display area. And you’ve gotta make it a little creepy for added interest. I have to admit, my personal halloween decorating supply was getting … Continue reading A Scary Affair: Halloween