A Scary Affair: Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to break out everything scary, ghosty, bloody and undead (in book form that is). We are always being asked where the scary stories are located so it’s fun to pull them all into one display area. And you’ve gotta make it a little creepy for added interest.

I have to admit, my personal halloween decorating supply was getting pretty dated, so a quick trip to Michael’s was in order. And really,who can’t use an extra skeleton and tombstone around the house? The tombstone has a holographic image that changes from a picture of an old guy to a skeleton as you walk around the display. Haunting…

Lots of great books and fake spiders, and a fun sign to bring it together. In front of the tombstone I sprinkled moss to look more grave-like. Gauzy, black fabric is under the books and black leaves twine over the display. The book covers themselves are great enhancements to the props and it’s definitely getting kids dying to RIP (Read In Peace).

EDIT:  We reused this sign again in 2016, and this time added some witchy legs to the display.


EDIT AGAIN:  We reused the sign again in 2018 with a new skeleton:halloweenhalloween2


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