March Madness Reading Tournament

In honor of the single-elimination college basketball tournament performed each spring, the library got its game on for a little reading competition. Our 16 top-circulated books made up the first bracket, with series, such as the Twilight series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, counting as one book. Voting in the Language Arts classes and in the library began March 18th to coincide with the … Continue reading March Madness Reading Tournament

Hunger Games: the Dystopian genre

Fresh off the Hunger Games movie, we knew the school year was going to start off with a flurry of interest in the book. Even though we had many copies, we knew the series would  fly off the shelves, so we made a read-alike display. Using a movie reel, a Hunger Games poster and DVD box, we pulled similar dystopian-themed titles. This display was emptied … Continue reading Hunger Games: the Dystopian genre