Love Letters in the Library

I’m in love with this Valentine’s display!  It’s a cornucopia of love letters exploding from a mailbox, and the envelopes are addressed to and from famous couples in fiction.  It was so much fun brainstorming couples and writing all the envelopes!

This idea was inspired by an article entitled “YA Couples’ First Encounters:  Look Back at the Lines that Started it All” and an image on Pinterest entitled “In the Mail: Display at Castlewood Library in Centennial, CO.”

Step 1:  Fold a few dozen homemade envelopes, stamp them, and start writing addresses.  I took them home over the weekend so had to invent many different types of handwriting, but it would be much better to recruit different people to write out the envelopes!


Step 2:

Prop up your mailbox and figure out some way to attach the explosion of letters.  We crumpled red butcher paper into vine-like strings, and loosely scotch-taped the envelopes to the paper.  It’s fragile, but so far it survived a full afternoon of gawking by the kids without any issue!


We got our mailbox from Lowe’s for about $18.  I can see us using it as a place for students to deposit surveys and ballots, as well as other displays.  The white and red has North Pole written all over it!


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