Little Libraries

An article in Knowledge Quest entitled “Little Libraries” by Sarah Letts was the inspiration for this display, which generated a lot of excitement from our staff and students.

I sent our teachers a message asking for their top 7-8 book recommendations so I could display their personal “little library.”  This quote from the article explains it best:  “My little library consists of seven or eight book titles I would cheer about, tweet about, and gift to others; they are books I feel passionate about and want others to love as much as I do.”

We had a wonderful response, and I made a sign to display with each staff member’s little library.  The signs took a lot of time, but they are important because many of the books weren’t available to display.  They also look great on the TV monitors throughout the building – it’s a nice way to feature a staff member each week!  I also added a “Staff Picks” page to our school website with all the little library collections.

This turned out to be a wonderful community building experience, because people who had similar titles on their little libraries sought each other out to talk about them.

Some people tried to pick YA titles, and others kept it wide open.  I let everyone decide for themselves, and we ended up with quite a variety.  It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend this display idea!



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