Reading with a Peep

What better way to celebrate spring than to read a book with a friend?  For this display we pulled duplicate titles, and encourage students to “read with a peep.”  It’s decorated with die cut peeps and a colorful bouquet.  Couldn’t be any easier, and the peep bookmarks have been especially popular! Continue reading Reading with a Peep

April/May Poetry display

It’s always great when April rolls around and we can pull out a Poetry Month display. Working off the “poet tree” idea,  we just used our large windows and cut out a simple graphic-style tree with leaves and displayed the books on the shelves below. Easy peasy. And because it was such an easy display, (and we procrastinated and only got it up mid-April ), we just did … Continue reading April/May Poetry display

March Madness Reading Tournament

In honor of the single-elimination college basketball tournament performed each spring, the library got its game on for a little reading competition. Our 16 top-circulated books made up the first bracket, with series, such as the Twilight series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, counting as one book. Voting in the Language Arts classes and in the library began March 18th to coincide with the … Continue reading March Madness Reading Tournament