March Madness Reading Tournament

In honor of the single-elimination college basketball tournament performed each spring, the library got its game on for a little reading competition.

march madness glass 2march madness glass casemarch madness bracket

Our 16 top-circulated books made up the first bracket, with series, such as the Twilight series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, counting as one book. Voting in the Language Arts classes and in the library began March 18th to coincide with the beginning of the basketball tournament. Teachers are able to explain the bracket  system, which is a new concept to many students, and promote our library’s favorite books as the same time. Plus it’s fun, right?! A huge bracket made with electrical tape covers the windows to the hallway outside the library and will display the winners after each round. We allowed for two days of voting for each round, followed by a day of tallying to prepare the next round ballot and display. Here’s a closeup image of the bracket:

march madness bracket

The “Players” were displayed in our front glass display case (with a few “speech bubbles” rooting for themselves).

march madness speech bubblemarch madness ballot

Inside the library, we featured fiction and non-fiction sport books and ballots for voting.

march madness inside

Round 1 ends today, so we are busy tallying votes and getting ready for Round 2 tomorrow!  So far it looks our final bracket will be Hunger Games vs. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Which book do you think will be our champion?


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