April/May Poetry display

It’s always great when April rolls around and we can pull out a Poetry Month display. Working off the “poet tree” idea,  we just used our large windows and cut out a simple graphic-style tree with leaves and displayed the books on the shelves below. Easy peasy. And because it was such an easy display, (and we procrastinated and only got it up mid-April ), we just did … Continue reading April/May Poetry display

What’s Cookin’?

This is a display that really could be used anytime of the year. But as we are entering the winter and holiday season, perhaps there is a bit more interest in cooking and baking delicious goodies for holiday treats and feasts. With just a pot full of cookbooks on an old tablecloth with some utensils hanging around, the display is pretty self explanatory. So many … Continue reading What’s Cookin’?

Election Day

It’s Election Day 2012 – time  for patriotism to shine in our library! Along with the national election to focus on, our library hosted the 2012 Youth Vote. All day, students filed in to individual voting “booths” and exercised their right to vote for president, local officials and propositions, and their own special measure – whether 16 year-olds should have the right to vote. Continue reading Election Day

University Week

It’s University week! Time to get middle-schoolers to think about those long-term goals. It’s never too early to plan for success! All teachers and staff are encouraged to promote their alma mater through clothing or posters or other material. It was a great excuse to break out my Nebraska Cornhusker props!  Blankets, pendants, helmets, and pom poms were great accessories for this display. There are … Continue reading University Week

Information Literacy Month

OK, so President Obama proclaimed October as “Information Literacy Awareness Month.” Did you know that? We found out that our own Governor Parnell made a similar proclamation, so how could we just ignore that as good Librarians/Media Specialists? Even though we felt like big nerds, we came up with a display idea anyway to define information literacy and highlight the issue. We had an old … Continue reading Information Literacy Month