Information Literacy Month

OK, so President Obama proclaimed October as “Information Literacy Awareness Month.” Did you know that? We found out that our own Governor Parnell made a similar proclamation, so how could we just ignore that as good Librarians/Media Specialists?

Even though we felt like big nerds, we came up with a display idea anyway to define information literacy and highlight the issue.

We had an old computer monitor in the back room, so we taped speech bubbles off it with various media terms and sites. We were going to put a tag line on the case saying “What’s your info IQ? but it was looking pretty busy in the end.

We found some funny cartoons on the subject and some library books to round out the case.


Oh, and check out the paper behind the lettering at the top! It’s all in the details…

Here’s the proclamation in it’s entirety – it’s pretty cool:

“WHEREAS, information literacy is defined as the ability to recognize a need for information, and then locate, and effectively and ethically use resources to find information; and

WHEREAS, in the Information Age, knowing how to critically assess and integrate information is indispensable for all research purposes. Understanding how to avoid plagiarism is likewise crucial for private citizens, students, professionals, and public servants alike; and

WEREAS, in today’s workforce, individuals who understand how to find and ethically use information are prepared for success in the workforce; and

WHEREAS, our schools and libraries offer the essential tools for information literacy. We appreciate the hard work and expertise of our librarians and teachers; and

WHEREAS, in order to be educated and engaged, citizens must learn how to effectively evaluate and use sources of information to understand current issues and events; and

WHEREAS, the State of Alaska supports information literacy awareness. We are reminded of its importance to our state’s economic prosperity, our students’ educations, and our social wellbeing.

NOW, THEREEFORE, I, Sean Parnell, Governor of the State of Alaska, do hereby proclaim October 2012 as:

Information Literacy Month

in Alaska, and encourage schools, parents, employers, teachers, government agencies, and all institutions to reinforce the need for information literacy among students and their fellow Alaskans.


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