Winter Holidays

holidays1Here’s the basic Holiday display I did last year featuring books on Kwanza, Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays of the season.


I wrapped discarded library books in gold and blue wrapping (our school colors) and made a wintery Holiday sign. Simple. Inclusive. However, no one looked at any of the books.

So, this year I decided not pull holiday books. My theme: “Unwrap the Gift of Reading.”  Everyone loves gifts, right?


I wrapped a banker’s box with white wrapping with a big blue bow, then had the different “gifts” stuck to books and coming out of the box: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Suspense, Heroes, Silliness, Mystery. Then I pulled different types of books and series, and wrapped bows around them. I guess a book with a bow on it looks more interesting to pick up…



unwrap sign

Again, I wrapped discarded books in plain white and blue paper just for props. When kids check out any of the books (and they are) I just keep the ribbon and find another beautiful book to use on the display.


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