Celebrate the Gift of Learning

This is one of my favorite window case displays I’ve done. It’s so simple and wintery. We have winter in Alaska for six months, so it can span December and January and still feel right. I did it two years ago, and it gave me my idea for “Unwrap the Gift of Reading” display this year. But I like this one better:


giftoflearning1giftoflearning3Learning is a gift year round at school. And the simply wrapped books imply that learning can be found inside those packages.


One thought on “Celebrate the Gift of Learning

  1. I love the information on this site. I work at the Colusa County Public Library in Colusa, California, and I am always looking for new ideas that I can use. We have a small library, and an even smaller budget, but we make it work. Thank you for your ideas.

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