A Scary Affair: Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to break out everything scary, ghosty, bloody and undead (in book form that is). We are always being asked where the scary stories are located so it’s fun to pull them all into one display area. And you’ve gotta make it a little creepy for added interest. I have to admit, my personal halloween decorating supply was getting … Continue reading A Scary Affair: Halloween

University Week

It’s University week! Time to get middle-schoolers to think about those long-term goals. It’s never too early to plan for success! All teachers and staff are encouraged to promote their alma mater through clothing or posters or other material. It was a great excuse to break out my Nebraska Cornhusker props! ¬†Blankets, pendants, helmets, and pom poms were great accessories for this display. There are … Continue reading University Week

Banned Book Week

This Banned Book Week display is definitely one of our most looked at displays. “What?? Why can’t we look at these books? …Why would anyone ban this book?…That’s not fair!!” Lots of questions and opinions and LOTS of interests in those books. We don’t allow them to check out these books during the display week, they really are banned. But there’s always some brisk checkouts … Continue reading Banned Book Week

Information Literacy Month

OK, so President Obama proclaimed October as “Information Literacy Awareness Month.” Did you know that? We found out that our own Governor Parnell made a similar proclamation, so how could we just ignore that as good Librarians/Media Specialists? Even though we felt like big nerds, we came up with a display idea anyway to define information literacy and highlight the issue. We had an old … Continue reading Information Literacy Month

Hunger Games: the Dystopian genre

Fresh off the Hunger Games movie, we knew the school year was going to start off with a flurry of interest in the book. Even though we had many copies, we knew the series would ¬†fly off the shelves, so we made a read-alike display. Using a movie reel, a Hunger Games poster and DVD box, we pulled similar dystopian-themed titles. This display was emptied … Continue reading Hunger Games: the Dystopian genre

Back to School

Here’s the display that greeted students on their first day of school. It featured my school sweatshirt (on a half a dress form) packing an overflowing book bag. The contents of the bag are spilling out into the display case – textbooks, library books, and various school supplies. Nothing really library-specific here, just a fun general display since this see-through case is just steps from … Continue reading Back to School