Read Around the World

This year we hosted a “Read Around the World” program.  Participants were given a passport with seven pages:  one for each continent.  From there we helped them pack their (book) bags and set off on an adventure around the world!

read around the world (2) read around the world (3)

read around the world (5) read around the world (4)

Students chose books that related to each continent through setting, character, history, or culture.  After they finished each book and wrote a brief review, I stamped their passport and gave them a chocolate globe.  Students who finished the entire passport earned extra credit in their English or social studies classes.  (Honestly, I think the little foil covered globes were more exciting!  I got a 5 lb. bag of them from Amazon for $40.)

foil candy globes

To help students find title ideas, I taped a giant world map to the wall and taped thumbnail sized copies of book covers to it.

read around the world (1) read around the world (6) read around the world (7)

We kept this program open for the entire year, so there were no stressful due dates for anyone.  Overall it’s been an easy, popular program to promote recreational reading in our school!

Here are the titles I used:

read around the world covers



4 thoughts on “Read Around the World

    1. I found the Word file where I copied all the jacket covers. The resolution when I did a copy/paste out of our PAC wasn’t great, but if nothing else this will give you the titles. The link is now added to the post above. Have fun!

  1. Your list is a godsend! Thank you so much for sharing! You are helping more students than you know!
    Oregon Trail Academy: International Baccalaureate in Boring, Oregon

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