The Mission

Hook Kids on Books Through Great Displays

When students have the opportunity to read stories and explore information that matters to them, literacy emerges. As school library staff, we obviously have the tools to inspire learning at many levels, but using one of those tools – what I call our “storefront” displays – is my passion for getting kids hooked on books.

The displays can highlight a particular theme of learning, a genre, a timely national or cultural event, or even a special event being promoted in the school. With it’s huge collection of resources organized  and cataloged for universal accessibility, libraries can be overwhelming to developing learners. The library book display, and even a classroom cart of pulled books, can be organized in any manner to spark individual, classroom, or school-wide interests. Maybe some of the ideas found on this blog and others blogs featured will spark your own creative juices for promoting books and events.

My mission is to make the school library a relaxed, interesting, and attractive environment early on to set our students up for long-term success using library systems and resources in the future. And maybe along the way, we’ll hook them into a life-long love of adventure and learning through books!

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