Bulletin Boards

We were displaced for the 2017-2018 school year for some major seismic repairs.  We operated outside of a few oversized classrooms, and for the first time ever we had a bulletin board to maintain.  Ms. Jen, one of our awesome assistants, kept it looking good all year long!

For back to school she posted words from the mural that we missed from our old library:


In September it was time to recognize Banned Books Week:bboard_banned

In the fall we decided to “leaf” through a good book – and didn’t even notice that “Good” was upside down until after we took this photo:bboard_leaf

A cozy fire with holiday lights for the winter season:bboard_fireplace

This popcorn bulletin board turned out so well, and would work for any time of year!bboard_popcorn

By April the new library was coming together, so we printed out photos of the construction zone so students could see the progress:bboard_construction

And finally in May – a board to remind students to return their books by the final due date.  “We Meme It!”bboard_meme



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