Thanksgiving Tree

Have you ever read a book and afterwards just felt deep gratitude for that book and/or author for adding that experience to your life? ┬áMaybe it inspired you, or educated you, or made you feel sad or glad or fearful or tearful. ┬áDuring this Thanksgiving season we are giving students and staff a place to share those thoughts. Our “Thankful Tree” invites all to “Leaf” … Continue reading Thanksgiving Tree

What’s Cookin’?

This is a display that really could be used anytime of the year. But as we are entering the winter and holiday season, perhaps there is a bit more interest in cooking and baking delicious goodies for holiday treats and feasts. With just a pot full of cookbooks on an old tablecloth with some utensils hanging around, the display is pretty self explanatory. So many … Continue reading What’s Cookin’?